The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Release!!!

It’s out! IT’S OUT! *Scream*

Today is the launch day of our adventure “The Book of Unwritten Tales 2”! The game is available digitally on Steam and GoG or as a physical box at Amazon.


In this picture you can see the Limited Kickstarter Edition of the game. But no worries. Even if you can’t get this limited Edition any more, there is an Almanac Edition of the game available on Steam, GoG and Amazon.

Release Trailer

We hope you’ll enjoy our launch-trailer! Please “like” and “share” it like crazy!

Let’s make this a success!

You could help us make BoUT2 a commercial success by letting as many people as possible know about the game.

To conquer the Steam charts together, it would be of great help to us if you activate your Steam key today.

And please rate the game on Steam, GoG, Amazon, in the App-Store or wherever there are user ratings. These ratings are extremely important! So please help.

What’s up next?

We’ll have a close watch on the forums and we’ll help you with your problems as quickly as possible. If there are technical problems there might be an update in one or two weeks, we’ll see.

We’re planning to release a “Thank you Trailer” that highlights your involvement in the development and a lot of PR and marketing tasks are coming our way. So there is a lot to do, but this is also the time to celebrate. We’ll do that this evening, so please forgive us if our response time gets slower and slower during the evening and night. 😉

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